Your One-Stop Shop to Compare Green Slips in Sydney and NSW

Getting your car licenced in NSW can be bit of a hassle, with the need to select between various green slip quotes and organise a pink slip from a mechanic – and then there’s the mess of re-applying all these stickers to your vehicle. Here at Rego Mate, we make the entire process easier. You can make an accurate CTP green slip comparison between the NSW providers and find a Rego Mate-recommended mechanic to get your pink slip!

Get a CTP Quote Nowcheap green slips in SydneyThe green slip calculator on our website makes is easy to find. Simply enter your commencement date, fill the in the details of your vehicle, your current insurance details, and a few details about yourself and we’ll issue you with the quotes that best suit you and your vehicle. Then it’s just a matter of heading to the provider’s website and getting yourself signed up.

Gone are the days when you needed to traipse around to get RTA green slip quotes from all over Sydney. You can easily compare green slips online do everything you need from your computer – whenever you want to! With all the information in one place, it’s easy to make RTA green slip comparisons and get the right insurance for your car at the best price.

Getting your pink slip is even easy. Just tell us your suburb or postcode and we’ll let you know who the best mechanics are in your area.

Once you’ve been through the process of getting CTP green slip quotes in Sydney, NSW and chosen the right one, we can also help with displaying it in your car – without the horrible sticky mess. Rego Mate is holder that you can easily stick to your windscreen and slide your green and pink slips into. When you’ve registered each year, simply side out one set of CTP green slips and slide in the next. Easy!

At Rego Mate, we’re your one-stop shop for a green slip comparison in Sydney!